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Trance Formation


Meditation is a simple practice that helps you relax, cultivate deeper understanding about yourself, and can open the way to actualizing inherent potential. We can move into greater moments of fulfillment and true PEACE, through a consistent practice of meditation. TRANCE is an altared state of being that allows us to access deeper levels of rest, optimize healing, and introduce new thoughts and remedy old ones. Using the power of visualization, movement, sound, and body-mind connection to honor the essence, appreciate the body, and illuminate the mind is the pinnacle of this guided practice. FORM becomes attuned to the inner self, the cells, and ions that breath new life into us. 


Meditation expands the mind, reduces anxiety and stress and promotes peace and clarity, which can generate more effective use of the time you have. Meditation can also help you understand your mind and re pattern negative  thoughts, limiting fears, and awaken you to more pleasure and creativity.  

Moving Beyond Asanas

The wider practice of yoga offers us  chance to bring our bodies, minds, and spirit together and live an integrated life. PEACE is available.

Moving into deeper awareness of your holistic being in the present moment transforms your life. PEACE is now.


Yoga is about the whole being, the interconnection of all of life and increasing strength and flexibility not only for the body, but for our emotional, mental, and spiritual being as well. PEACE is progress.

Respecting and cultivating yin practices brings balance to our life. We learn to bring PEACE into our relationships, body, work, energy presence and connection with the earth. 

Classes are available in DURHAM, NC.


I am moving into creating opportunities to share this gift with communities across the country and abroad. I also currently offer this gift for private groups, corporate offices, and one one (remote or in person) sessions.