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I understand that Alesia Ashby and/or Abstract Emergence.com are not professional board certified counselors, medical professionals are legal advisors and do not offer any of these services.

I also acknowledge that some or all of the procedures used in these metaphysical and/or paranormal training/classes/intensives/online or in-person classes, or in consultation, are for demonstration purposes, or energy work, and not to be classified as mental health or physical counseling.

I understand that these services are speculative in nature and don’t guarantee that the results of our work will be satisfactory to the client. I also understand that Alesia Ashby and/or Abstract Emergence.com is expressing her beliefs or belief systems and sharing her experiences, perceptions and/or interpretations, and I will not hold either liable for their own beliefs, for I am free to believe what I choose to believe.

I release Alesia Ashby and Abstract Emergence.com  from any liability, and hold harmless from anything that I may perceive as connected to these readings/classes/intensives/courses/study/energy work groups (including, but not limited to exercises or experiences from readings/classes/intensives/courses/study/energy work), field exercises, animal, metaphysical and/or paranormal consultations or anything else before, during or after the classes/courses, groups, meetings, intensives, readings or consultations. I am solely responsible for any mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological issues that may arise, or that I, or others, may perceive to arise; perceived, imaginary, or real.

I understand that Alesia Ashby and/or Abstract Emergence.com recommends seeing a certified, qualified therapist or counselor for emotional distresses or concerns.


I offer Intuitive Tarot Counseling, Chakra Oracle Downloads, Akashiac Records Downloads, and Womb Channeling Healing Readings. Communicate with your inner self, connect to the source f all creation, and talk ith your mind, body and soul. I am a psychic medium and intuitive oracle who uses the divination tools of oracle cards and tarot cards to facilitate communication between the multifaceted worlds of inner and outer knowing. Each reading offers you a chance to connect with clarity, compassion, and deeply comprehensive to the pathways that serve your life best. Discover your answers to relationship and carer questions, get an intuitive spread that reads the energy surrounding your heart and crown chakras, or heal from past patterns of trauma through exploring the messages of the collective conscious or womb ( sackral energy) connection. May you find what you seek and seek to explore what is in alignment with your highest values. 

" One thing that sets me apart from other Intuitive readers is my ability to create practical solutions specifically tailored to the reading I am giving. 


I believe in the importance of not only gaining insight, but moving into empowered action for the betterment of your life. "

 Creating a regular practice of receiving Readings is a very powerful practice. We are all part of a beautiful and ever evolving universe and by checking in  to the energetic undercurrent of life you stay more focused, balanced, connected & facilitate the continuity of success in your life. During each session with me you will receive practical action steps and vital insights. There is a path to holistic living for each of us, allow me to help guide your way.