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By voluntarily participating in, consenting to meet with, being consulted by, or receiving any services by Alesia Ashby and/or Abstract Emergence.com – I agree that:

I understand that Alesia Ashby and/or Abstract Emergence.com are not professional board certified counselors, medical professionals are legal advisors and do not offer any of these services.

I also acknowledge that some or all of the procedures used in these metaphysical and/or paranormal training/classes/intensives/online or in-person classes, or in consultation, are for demonstration purposes, or energy work, and not to be classified as mental health or physical counseling.

I understand that these services are speculative in nature and don’t guarantee that the results of our work will be satisfactory to the client. I also understand that Alesia Ashby and/or Abstract Emergence.com is expressing her beliefs or belief systems and sharing her experiences, perceptions and/or interpretations, and I will not hold either liable for their own beliefs, for I am free to believe what I choose to believe.

I release Alesia Ashby and Abstract Emergence.com  from any liability, and hold harmless from anything that I may perceive as connected to these readings/classes/intensives/courses/study/energy work groups (including, but not limited to exercises or experiences from readings/classes/intensives/courses/study/energy work), field exercises, animal, metaphysical and/or paranormal consultations or anything else before, during or after the classes/courses, groups, meetings, intensives, readings or consultations. I am solely responsible for any mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological issues that may arise, or that I, or others, may perceive to arise; perceived, imaginary, or real.

I understand that Alesia Ashby and/or Abstract Emergence.com recommends seeing a certified, qualified therapist or counselor for emotional distresses or concerns.